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8 Incredible Furniture Repurposing Ideas

The world of home furniture repurposing is vast and incredible. Some people come up with brilliant ideas, ranging from extremely simple to month-long projects. Before dragging your old pieces of furniture, take a look at these eight fun and practical repurposing ideas. All of them are simple, quick and very enjoyable

10 Tips and Ideas for Stunning Wedding Decor

Weddings should be as unique, beautiful, warm and fun as possible. Whether you’re the one about to tie the knot or a designer, follow our guide to get it right. The color palette Think about the colors for the wedding as a color palette and not just as two colors you want

5 Tips for Choosing Your Home Furniture

It happens many times. You look at a piece of furniture and instantly love it. You just wish you could bring it home immediately. But you start thinking about everything that’s involved. The right furniture for you and your house needs to go with the overall vibe and decoration. It needs

10 Tips for Lighting Your Home

The lighting in your home has much more of an impact than you may actually imagine. The distinct variations in natural light from dusk till dawn affect us psychologically and are one of the factors that explain our differences in mood, comfort and humor throughout the day. Our home lighting