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Rayne Home Decor – Our priority

The priority of the entirety of our team at Rayne Home Decor is to help you discover how to tailor your home to your life. We want your choices in furniture, decor and home care to be a reflection of your style and personality, while also maintaining the functionality essential to make sure you have everything in your home to answer to your daily needs.

From lighting to gardening and from repurposing to furnishing, we give you simple, clear and complete solutions that enhance a practical and efficient living and are always aesthetically pleasing.

Our History

At some point in 2018, a group of friends who happen to be huge home decor lovers decided to create a blog that could be the number one source of 360º info and tips for every one who is also passionate about home care. By the beginning of 2019, Rayne Home Decor was online.

Now we have a team of writers, designers and home furnishing professionals that regularly create top-quality content on everything a homeowner must know to turn their home into a sanctuary of joy and tailor it to their life.

Browse through our site and discover that giving your home some special touches can be fun, efficient, manageable and affordable, all at the same time.