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10 Tips and Ideas for Stunning Wedding Decor

Weddings should be as unique, beautiful, warm and fun as possible. Whether you’re the one about to tie the knot or a designer, follow our

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10 Tips and Ideas for Stunning Wedding Decor

Weddings should be as unique, beautiful, warm and fun as possible. Whether you’re the one about to tie the knot or a designer, follow our guide to get it right.

The color palette

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Think about the colors for the wedding as a color palette and not just as two colors you want to combine. Decide on different shades and color coordination. It will add richness and feel to the visual experience.


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You can use different textures in a way that feels consistent with the overall style. The chair and table covers, as well as the sashes and linens come in a variety of different fabrics. Use fabrics as a way to create bold stylish statements.

The tables

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We are all accustomed to go to weddings and only see round tables with the dance floor in the middle. Changing the layout plan won’t cost you anything but can help create a brand-new atmosphere. Without being too messy, you can even use both round and square tables, with different sizes and heights.


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Innovative lighting ideas are now common-place at weddings. Lighting allows you to add personality and diversify the moods across various parts of the venue. You can even control the lights and switch between cooler and warmer shades throughout the event to suit the feel of each moment. This is an exciting way to change the atmosphere from song to song throughout the night.

The surroundings

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Take advantage of the surroundings. A wedding at a garden or park lets you take care of almost the entire decoration naturally, without having to rely on so much interior decor to set the ambience.


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The wedding decorations should be thoroughly planned before deciding on the menu or sending invitations. That’s because everything at the wedding must be coherent with the themes of the decoration. The way food is plated and presented as well as the design of the invitations are no exception.

The cake

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The cake is a decor item. It should be displayed prominently in the venue. Elevating the cake table can solely add grandeur to the room. Experiment with colors, flavors and textures. You can decorate it with fresh flowers and fruit.

The couple’s expression

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Ultimately, every single visual element must be an expression of the personalities of the couple. You should look at the final product and actually love it, while making sure it is also pleasing to the guests. On websites and magazines, there are very fun and innovative ideas to represent the couple’s individual interests and hobbies through decoration.

Now that you’ve went through our eight essential steps for beautiful and stylish wedding decoration, take a look at two specific ideas for the big day. The plus is that these are extremely simple and easy to do, but can simultaneously elevate the decor to a new level.

Drape the ceilings

Fabrics can turn the casual into elegant and unique. You can go with virtually any cooler or pastel color depending on the vibe.

Hang flowers and lanterns

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This will fill up the space and make guests feel surrounded by the atmosphere. It can also help you save on carpeting and table pieces.

You have your mind swirling with ideas, right? Now go plan!

5 Tips for Choosing Your Home Furniture

It happens many times. You look at a piece of furniture and instantly love it. You just wish you could bring it home immediately. But you start thinking about everything that’s involved.

The right furniture for you and your house needs to go with the overall vibe and decoration. It needs to be functional and respond to your daily needs. It needs to be the right size depending on the room. And it needs to be as durable and affordable as possible.

That doesn’t mean you can’t combine aesthetics and functionality when buying furniture. Here are 5 tips.


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The piece must feel solid and robust while simultaneously not looking overwhelming when put in the room. Solid wood frames will last longer but you shouldn’t pay a fortune. Match your needs to your perceived quality-price ratio. Avoid particleboard and aluminum frames. When it comes to sofas and chairs, they need to feel comfortable. Always sit and test.


design 1024x696 - 5 Tips for Choosing Your Home Furniture

The design of the furniture must be consistent with that of your other pieces. Are they trendy, vintage or timeless? Choose something that you know you will like when you see it every day.


Look for stains, exposed wood or inconsistent color. That doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t buy it. If you are into fixing or repurposing, that can be a great way to save money when buying the furniture.


If the furniture will be used frequently, it’s suggested that you go with darker colors. If it is meant to be more formal or to serve a room that only hosts specific occasions, you can opt for lighter fabrics to give it a distinct touch.

Element of surprise

styl 1024x683 - 5 Tips for Choosing Your Home Furniture

Look for something with shape, style and personality that will be practical at the same time. The pieces of furniture you buy should be a reflection of your personal style. You don’t want to wake up every day in a house filled with block-like furniture with no distinctive elements.

Follow these 5 steps and get the perfect furniture tailored to you.

10 Tips for Lighting Your Home

The lighting in your home has much more of an impact than you may actually imagine. The distinct variations in natural light from dusk till dawn affect us psychologically and are one of the factors that explain our differences in mood, comfort and humor throughout the day. Our home lighting does just that.

Lighting can both help us feel better and work better. It can help us rest or be more productive. That’s why your lighting solutions should be different from room to room across the house. They should be adapted to the purpose of each place. This is even more important now that millions of people work from home and many do it in badly lit environments.

Nowadays, designers know the importance of multi-color lighting around the house and how to alternate between cooler or warmer lights in a way that contributes to the wellbeing of the inhabitants.

Take a look at some of the tips you should definitely consider when adding light to your home.

The kitchen

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In the kitchen, you should try lighting the working surfaces directly. You can do so by using downlighters, strips under the cupboards and pendants. They should create layers of light instead of it coming from just one source.


Downlights are very functional and affordable. But they won’t emphasize your decor or improve the atmosphere. Try thinking of other lighting solutions before opting for downlights.


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Artificial lighting will never surpass the quality and the benefits of the natural light. If you spend a lot of time at home you should go for a quick walk every day. Our bodies are not designed to constantly live under home lighting. Also, try eating and reading near the windows.


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Think about if you want two-way lighting switches or something different. Decide where they will be and if they should be adapted to kids. You can even opt for ways of controlling the lights that don’t involve switches.

Looking around for ideas

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Every time you go somewhere, whether it is your friend’s house or a café, look at the lighting choices. Public places like bars, hotels, book stores or restaurants often have very exciting, innovative and pleasing lighting solutions. Go to the department store and see how the model rooms are lit.

Sleeping lights

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Ideally, we should sleep in complete darkness. Our body’s need for darkness while sleeping is just as important as the need for brightness during the day. Only when we are exposed to absolutely no exterior stimulae will our bodies release the natural healing hormones. If you prefer to have some kind of lighting, use low-level light in shades of amber or red.

There you have it. Some specific lighting recommendations that are not at all difficult to apply but can make a difference in your wellbeing. You should also never forget some of the more general home lighting rules, such as:

Planning ahead. You should decide on your lighting before completing your decoration. You need to consider how to apply cords, sockets and switches.

Covering all the main lighting points: general, temporary, functional and decorative.

Choosing energetically efficient bulbs such as LED or neon-compact.

Having a well-lit home office environment. Place lamps on the desks, nightstands, furniture of corners.

All of the tips we went through will make your home living more healthy, functional, fun and efficient.